Photo by Sid Hastings / Washington University

College Advising Corps works to increase the number of low-income, first-generation college, and underrepresented students applying to, entering, and completing higher education. It is a national non-profit organization that has served 848,000 students across America for over 10 years. College Advising Corps is an evidence-based, data-driven, high-impact program that seeks to bring talented, enthusiastic advisers to every community that wants them and to every student who needs them.

In America, a college degree is critical to better economic prospects and a higher quality of life. Yet, too many high school students are not applying to or going to college, especially students in underserved communities. As circumstances have it, they often do not have access to the guidance and support they need to prepare for and apply to college. College Advising Corps provides them with such resources to create the best opportunity for as many students as possible to earn a college degree.